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Buy robot arms and robot pets from Elephant Robotics Shop to meet the needs in multiple fields, such as Pre R&D, robotics learning, educational using, and family companion.

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We've seen robotic pets before, but MarsCat from Elephant Robotics takes things further by being the world's first fully autonomous robot cat.

myCobot 280 include a Raspberry Pi 4 and is a robust and stylish robotic arm with smooth and accurate movement. You could even add a camera to give the arm computer vision.

Latest 6-axis robotic arm is accessible to robotics newcomers and students. Its onboard Linux-based visual-programming Roboflow software allows unattended 24/7 operation.

MyBuddy 280: Designed for Education with Interactive Display.

I just spent a week with a robot cat and my life will never be the same.

Imagine a robotic companion that can sit up, walk, play, and even keep an eye on you! MarsCat's highly articulated legs, tail, and head allow it to perform all these actions autonomously, without needing any commands from you.

The joy and power of the myCobot 280 is in the multitude of ways it can be programmed and utilized.

The Cobot could support education projects, photography, massaging, to being a personal barista or co-playing a table game.

Elephant Robotics showcased a clowder of touch-responsive robo-kitties that use AI and deep learning to imitate lifelike movements.

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