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Choosing the Suitable myCobot 280 Version for Your Educational and Development Needs

Choosing the Suitable myCobot 280 Version for Your Educational and Development Needs

The myCobot 280 series stand out as luminaries in Elephant Robotics' robot lineup. Having garnered acclaim with over 20,000 units sold across 50 countries, they've become global favorites renowned for precision and versatility. These advanced 6 DOF collaborative robots are transforming educational applications with cutting-edge capabilities. The myCobot 280 series is collaborative 6 DOF desk robot arms, redefining portability with a 250g payload, a sleek 280mm arm span, and precise positioning accuracy of ±0.5 mm.


4 Versions to Meet Diverse Needs

The myCobot 280 series caters to a wide range of needs with 4 distinct versions: myCobot 280 Pi, myCobot 280 M5, myCobot 280 Jetson Nano, and myCobot 280 for Arduino. Each version is crafted to deliver optimal performance and flexibility, ensuring that users can find the perfect fit for their specific requirements. The myCobot 280 Pi integrates the Raspberry Pi 4B with a 1.5GHz 4-core CPU, operating on the Debian/Ubuntu platform. It features built-in ROS and myBlockly visual programming, enhancing scalability and affordability, and connects to WiFi seamlessly with its built-in wireless network card. The myCobot 280 M5, equipped with the M5Stack Atom & Basic ESP32, boasts dual display screens for faster visual operation and work status monitoring. Ideal for high performance, reliability, and scalability, it connects to a computer for use, making it perfect for applications ranging from studio helpers to kitchen assistants. Powered by the Jetson Nano AI board and compatible with the myCobot camera flange 2.0, the myCobot 280 Jetson Nano excels in quick image processing, robotic algorithm development, and ROS simulation learning. Its advanced AI capabilities simplify development for beginners while delivering enhanced outcomes in eye-in-hand robot projects. The myCobot 280 for Arduino is compatible with various Arduino or Arduino-like boards and extensions, focusing on simplifying research and development. With easy-to-use Arduino software, it empowers developers to create unique robotic solutions, offering an open development environment that allows for custom board design.



Features and Application Scenarios of Each Version

When selecting a version, our educational users typically consider factors such as the difficulty of teaching, the ease of use for students, price, the smoothness of the robotic arm’s operation, and the users' preferred hardware or software system. Within the myCobot 280 series, the myCobot 280 Pi and myCobot 280 M5 are the best-selling robotic arms. Their ease of use, affordability, and flexibility make them ideal cobot choices for a wide range of students and educators, perfectly suited for educational applications.


myCobot 280 Pi: Ideal for Raspberry Pi Enthusiasts and STEM Educators

The myCobot 280 Pi caters to a wide range of users, from beginners to STEM educators, facilitating basic computer science education through its intuitive platform and vibrant community. It's an ideal choice for Raspberry Pi enthusiasts, ROS control system developers, and those exploring robotics kinematics. This version is an accessible robot tool for classrooms and individual learners venturing into the world of robotics. With its affordability and accessibility, it's particularly well-suited for users with a basic understanding of Linux systems.



myCobot 280 M5: Perfect for Makers and Lower-grade Teaching

The M5Stack open platform of the myCobot 280 M5 offers cost-effective access to open-source hardware and API interfaces, making it a favorite among makers and developers in Japan. With extensive customization options and ease of use, it's ideal for enthusiasts of Stack series development boards, embedded hardware developers, and those proficient in multiple development platforms. Although users need to configure the software environment and pair it with a PC, its straightforward operation makes it particularly suitable for educational applications, especially in lower-grade teaching environments.



myCobot 280 Jetson Nano: The Ultimate Choice for High-Performance Image Processing

The myCobot 280 Jetson Nano stands out as the most versatile version in the series, offering unparalleled flexibility to individual users and educational institutions alike. Users can pair it with their preferred development board, maximizing their capabilities without hardware replacements. Its adaptability allows schools to switch boards to meet curriculum requirements, streamlining course customization and reducing costs. Ideal for NVIDIA Jetson Nano series enthusiasts, machine vision application developers, and those delving into deep learning and artificial intelligence programming, it unlocks endless possibilities for secondary development due to its robust image processing capabilities. Given the Jetson Nano's stronger computing power compared to the Pi, it ensures smooth programming performance even with high-computing-power requirements. For users who prioritize smooth programming performance, the myCobot 280 Jetson Nano version is the perfect robot choice.



myCobot 280 for Arduino: Budget-Friendly and Highly Versatile for Robotics Enthusiasts

The myCobot 280 for Arduino provides essential hardware and software tools to educators, fostering classroom innovation and effective integration of robotics into the curriculum. Suited for Arduino enthusiasts, those with basic electrical knowledge, and enthusiasts of master control boards supporting serial port functionality, it offers a seamless experience for bringing robotics into educational settings.



The Perfect Robot Arm for Educational Excellence

The myCobot 280 series stands as a beacon of innovation, providing an ideal platform for mastering programming development languages and exploring robotics. Each version supports versatile development and control modes, including code programming, manual drag-and-drop applications, and robot simulation programming. These 6 DOF robot arms foster a profound understanding of robotics, ensuring students of all ages engage meaningfully with this advanced technology. By supporting a range of programming languages such as ROS, Python, C++, C#, and Jetson Nano, the myCobot 280 series lays a robust foundation for programming education. This wide compatibility ensures that students can explore and master various programming paradigms, enriching their learning experience and preparing them for future robotics innovation.



Seamless Integration with myAGV 2023

Users can effortlessly integrate the myCobot 280 series with the myAGV 2023, creating powerful mobile compound robots. These combinations are ideal for robot competitions, covering key aspects such as programming, motion planning, operation control, 3D vision, kinematics, and navigation algorithms. The seamless integration of these robotic arms with the myAGV 2023 enhances their capabilities, making them suitable for complex projects and competitive environments.



Wide Application Scenarios

The myCobot 280 series is not limited to educational applications; it has a broad spectrum of use cases across different industries. In light industry manufacturing, these robotic arms can handle intricate assembly tasks with high accuracy. In the medical field, they can assist with surgeries or automate laboratory processes, enhancing efficiency and reducing human error. The myCobot 280 series also finds applications in service industries, such as hospitality, where robots can serve as customer service assistants or automate routine tasks in hotels and restaurants. In the realm of home automation, these cobots can be programmed to perform household chores, assist the elderly or disabled, and even act as interactive companions. Their versatility extends to creative industries as well, where they can be used in art installations, as studio assistants, or in interactive exhibits. The adaptability and multifunctionality of the myCobot 280 series open up new possibilities for innovation and efficiency across various sectors.

In summary, the myCobot 280 series is a versatile and innovative line of 6 DOF collaborative robotic arms, perfectly suited for educational, research, personal DIY, and enterprise development applications. With its range of versions, the myCobot 280 series ensures that users from various backgrounds and needs can find a tailored solution to explore and advance in the field of robotics.

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