myCobot 280 M5Stack 2023 - 6 DOF Collaborative Robot ( Dual Screen Version)

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  • Desktop six-axis collaborative robotic arm powered by M5Stack
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MyCobot 280 M5Stack 2023 - 6 DOF Collaborative Robot ( Dual Screen Version)

The World's Smallest & Lightest Six Axis Cobot

The myCobot 280 M5Stack is a lightweight (under 1kg) collaborative robot arm with 6 degrees of freedom. Ideal for robotics research, artificial intelligence education, DIY, and commercial applications, it supports Python and ROS programming. This desktop robot arm can use a variety of end-effectors, and can lift and move objects up to 250g. Recognized by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) as one of the world's smallest robot arms.

Users across various sectors have utilized myCobot arms for learning and applying robotic technologies. As of December 2022, myCobot 280 products have been sold to over 50 countries and regions, with more than 10,000 units sold, demonstrating the product's global reach and reliability.

Innovation Task Using the myCobot 280 Robotic Arm

Portable and versatile, the myCobot 280 series robotic arms empower users of all ages to learn and explore robotics by enabling easy creation of learning tasks and reliable object engrave, draw, write & more within designated zones.

Innovation Task Using the myCobot 280 Robotic Arm
Pick and Place Task Using the myCobot 280 Robotic Arm

Pick & Place Task Using the myCobot 280 Robotic Arm

Designed for research and makers, the myCobot 280 series robot arms offer a variety of control methods. They also boast reliable mobile transport and precise placement capabilities, making them ideal for various tasks.

Integration of Multiple End Effector Types for Applications

The myCobot 280 robot arm supports secondary development through its Lego interface, enabling the integration of multiple end effector technologies. This feature allows developers to implement various you need projects, including robot assistant, object recognition, image sorting, face recognition & tracking, and more.

Integration of Multiple End Effector Types for Applications

Seen on TV & Endorsed by Media Experts

Our contribution to innovative robots has helped tens of thousands of users use myCobot robotic arms to learn and apply robotics with ease and efficiency.

Robot Applications with ROS Compatibility

Robot Specification wtih 6 Servo Motors

Learn Robotics with Programming

We provides a Gitbook for quickly building a robotic arm development environment with detailed tutorials on everything from setting up the environment to controlling the robotic arm and support popular programming languages like Python, C++, C#, and Arduion.

Better Robotics Programming Software

Easily learn to program myCobot in your style and ready to start your robotics journey.

Flexible & Effortless Operation

myCobot's intuitive slider controls enable effortless operation, making it an ideal choice for both beginners and experienced users.

Flexible & Effortless Operation
Learn Through MoveIt Demos

Learn Through MoveIt Demos

MoveIt empowers programmers to develop sophisticated robotics applications with its comprehensive path planning and obstacle avoidance capabilities, catering to advanced development needs.

Offer Optional AI Kit Integration

myCobot 280 can be integrated with an AI Kit, enabling users to delve into machine vision and robot-arm coordination for object recognition and grasping tasks.

Offer Optional AI Kit Integration

Compound Mobile Robot: myAGV + myCobot 280

Combining a mobile chassis with a robotic arm, the myAGV offers versatile functionalities for research, education, and individual makers. These include 2D/3D mapping and navigation, graphical programming, visual software integration, ROS simulation, and gamepad/keyboard control.

Hot Accessories Recommended


myCobot Adaptive Gripper

It can achieve grabbing applications with robotic arms.


myCobot G-Shape Base

It is fixed by a G-type clamp and can be freely installed on the edge of the desktop.


myCobot Flat Base

It can fix the robotic arm by vacuum adsorption principle.


myCobot Camera Flange

It can be used in more applications such as machine vision and image recognition.


myCobot Suction Pump

It performs the function of absorbing objects with robotic arms.


myCobot Flexible Gripper

It is used to clamp irregularly shaped objects and can be deformed.


myCobot Parallel Gripper

It can complete the fine application of robotic arm grabbing.


myCobot Phone Holder

It caters to a wide range of phone sizes.


myCobot Pen Holder

It can adapt to various types of pens for stable gripping.


myCobot Gamepad

It can directly control the robotic arm, and can also be used by other software.


myCobot Dual-Vacuum Gripper

It performs the function of absorbing larger objects with robotic arms.


myCobot Cylinder

It is used to implement the function of creative development.


Centralized Robot Management: myStudio offers firmware updates, video tutorials, and maintenance/repair information, all accessible from a one-stop platform.

Robot Management


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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Aung Myo Thant

myCobot 280 M5Stack 2023 - 6 DOF Collaborative Robot ( Dual Screen Version)

I purchased this robot arm for use in my classroom

It's a great way to introduce them to robotics and programming in a fun and engaging way. The fact that it's easy to use and doesn't require a lot of technical expertise has been a big plus. My students have really enjoyed working with it.

Nomadic Lemon
It's also compact enough that we can easily move it between workbenches.

I've been using the robot arm for prototyping new products, and it's been a valuable tool for quickly testing out different designs. The arm is precise and can be programmed to perform complex tasks, which has allowed us to iterate on our designs more quickly than we would have been able to otherwise.

The robot arm is precise and reliable.

The software is flexible enough to allow us to customize it for our specific needs. As a researcher, I've been using the robot for a project involving the automation of lab experiments. We've been able to significantly speed up our experiments and reduce errors, which has been a huge help.

This robot kit has been an excellent addition to our curriculum

As an educator, I'm always on the lookout for innovative tools to bring into the classroom. The robot provides students with hands-on experience in robotics and automation.

Customer Reviews

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Product Features

myCobot 2023 Support

myCobot 2020 Support

Kinematics Algorithm Update






GamePads Control



App Control



















System Firmware Upgrade


2023.09.30 Deadline


Software Maintenance


2023.09.30 Deadline


System Vulnerability Repair


2023.09.30 Deadline


Q1: What activities can I do with the Four-in-a-Row Kit?

A1: You can engage in one-on-one human vs AI gameplay using the Four-in-a-Row Kit. You can also customize game modes using open-source code, offering limitless possibilities..

Q2: What skills do I need to use the Four-in-a-Row Kit?

A2: You don't require professional programming or mechanical skills to use the Four-in-a-Row Kit. We provide detailed user guides and source code to help you get started.

Q3: Can I use the Four-in-a-Row Kit for machine learning projects?

A3: Absolutely. We provide open-source code, allowing you to use Python for machine learning, visual processing, and related development.

Q4: Can I add other accessories to the Four-in-a-Row Kit?

A4: You can add compatible accessories using the interfaces of the myCobot robotic arm. However, please ensure that any added components comply with safety standards and do not interfere with the normal operation of the Four-in-a-Row Kit.

Q5: What is the communication interface of myCobot 280?

A5: Our Python library supports functionalities such as image recognition, segmentation, deep learning, game model development, and robot motion control.

Q6: How should I set up the Four-in-a-Row Kit?

A6: We provide a detailed user guide that includes all the steps from unboxing to starting the game.

Q7: What should I do if I encounter issues during the usage?

A7: If you encounter any issues during usage, you can refer to our user guide or contact our customer service. We are happy to assist you in resolving the problems.

Q8: How can I optimize my Four-in-a-Row game model?

A8: Our user guide provides some suggestions and tips for optimizing the game model. You can also modify the source code for optimization.

Q9: Where can I find the source code?

A9: TOur source code can be found on GitHub, and you can download and modify it as needed.

Q10: Is your Four-in-a-Row Kit suitable for children?

A10: Our Four-in-a-Row Kit is suitable for users of all ages, but we recommend children to use it under adult supervision.

Q11:What programming languages does myCobot 280 support?

A11: myCobot 280 supports various programming languages, including Python, C++, Java, and Scratch. You can find more detailed information and documentation on how to use these programming languages with myCobot 280 on the myCobot 280 GitBook.

Q12: Where can I find documentation for using myCobot 280 with different programming languages?

A12: You can find comprehensive documentation and tutorials on how to use myCobot 280 with different programming languages on the myCobot 280 GitBook. The GitBook contains detailed instructions on how to get started, as well as sample code and projects that you can use as a reference.

Q13: Can I control myCobot 280 by Python?

A13: Yes, you can control myCobot 280 by Python. In fact, Python is one of the programming languages that myCobot 280 supports. To get started with using myCobot 280 with Python, you can refer to the myCobot 280 GitBook, which provides detailed documentation and sample code for using myCobot 280 with Python..

Q14: What resources are available for learning how to use myCobot 280 with Scratch?

A14: If you are interested in using Scratch to control myCobot 280, you can find detailed documentation and tutorials on the myCobot 280 GitBook. The GitBook provides step-by-step instructions on how to get started with using Scratch, as well as sample projects that you can use as a reference..

myCobot 280 M5Stack 2023 - 6 DOF Collaborative Robot ( Dual Screen Version)
myCobot M5Stack 2023 - $599.00
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