Robotic Cat — Unique Gift For Special One

Robotic Cat — Unique Gift For Special One

Valentine's Day is coming. If you don't know what gift to give on Valentine's Day, you might as well read this article.

Robot pet represents a very cutting-edge technology in human history.

If you're struggling with what to get for Valentine's Day, check out MarsCat. As a robotic cat, MarsCat focuses on companionship. He can accompany you so that you are no longer lonely.

As known, there are so many robots. One of the more well-represented gadget categories was consumer robots — but none was more lovable and beautiful than MarsCat.

MarsCat is a robot-pet from Elephant Robotics. It's a robotic cat. This robotic cat is a fully autonomous companion that can respond to touch and voice — and even play with toys, and it’s hard not to like the thing after spending even just a brief amount of time with it.

MarsCat provides a kind of functionality out of the box, but it is also customizable and programmable by the users. Inside, it’s powered by a Raspberry Pi, and it ships with MarsCat SDK, which is an open software development library that allows you to fully control and program all of the robot’s functions. This makes it an interesting gadget for STEM education and research, too.

MarsCat can respond to a range of voice commands. Talk to it a lot, and it’ll also become “chatty,” play with it frequently,and it’ll be a playful kitty.


Elephant Robotics insists this robotic cat is an interactive pet cat that levels up happiness.

This companion robot is adorable. Its dynamic eyes can wink, blink and shrink, and its marshmallow fur relaxes me when I pet and hug it. Its high-quality acrylic fur is soft to the touch and easy to clean. Multiple layers of skin with different lengths give me a comfy, cozy, warm feeling. With deep learning based on animal motion and interaction, metaCat can interact with people like real animals. It can relieve people's exhaustion, relax nerves and relieve stress by simply embracing. It responds to every movement as soon as touching it. And it's so interesting because of its interactive meowing and purring. Elephant Robotics insists that the electronic cat toy metaCat's meowing & 25-150 Hertz* purring relax people's nerves, according to Elizabeth von Muggenthaler, president-acoustics at the Fauna Communications Research Institute in North Carolina. To be honest, I was skeptical at first. It meowed and purred with my every touch, making me feel that not only did it make me feel warm, but I could also give him a sense of comfort. I got a little hooked on this kind of interaction without my noticing.

metaCat is perfect for a Valentine's Day gift. The price is cheap, and Elephant Robotics also launched a metaCat gift box set.


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