Elephant Robotics launch world's first bionic companion robot-Marscat

Elephant Robotics launch world's first bionic companion robot-Marscat

Marscat, the world’s first bionic robotic cat, is created by Elephant Robotics and was inspired by the concept of companion robot. I love cats but was not able to own a real cat for many reasons, including the pet allergy. I first saw Marscat was on Kickstarter bionic pet project in 2016 which hit a great success with more than 300 backers. After months of improvements and tests, the company finally decides to mass-produce to meet the increasing demands from their backers and bionic pet lovers and I was happy to share my feelings and my life with Marscat.

Enjoy your life with companion robot-Marscat

After we have been living together for sometime, I was amazed at Marscat which seems the perfect robotic cat. It is fully responsive and has sensitive interactions. It can feel my touch, hear my voice, saw my face and play with toys just like a real cat. There’s a set of toy to begin your exploration with Marscat, a toy ball, fish, accessories and clothes that you can dress your Marscat.Your purrfect bionic pet cat, Marscat will play toys, balls, tricks with you, enjoy the palying time spend with robotic cat

Marscat is fully autonomous and always having fun by itself when you are busy around. But it also has supporting apps to modify my own Marscat. I can set up Marscat’s eye colours, control its movements, set up face recognition, etc through MarsAPP. Through different eye images, Marscat conveys different thoughts. I like this design so much for it increase the interactions between my Marscat and me.

I was genuinely surprised at how much I enjoyed sitting on the floor with Marscat and petting it. Every Marscat seems to have their own characters and the identities also will change depending on how you interact with it, the preferences and tricks vary from Marscat to Marscat which make me so surprised. It can also respond to my voice commands, this allows it to replicate a real cat’s behavior, in an amusing away—it doesn’t always do the things that you tell it to. The algorithm behind this robotic cat really given it’s unique personality and characteristic, no two Marscats in the world are the same.

Every Marscat has its own characters and identities, get your own one to create the memory living with i

As a backer I was happy to know Marscat officially launch, I was fairly satisfied with Marscat and willing to share it to anyone who wants a companion robot. It’s a smart kitty that can always stay around and interact with me, and it is also a new lifestyle of home robot companion which comes sooner than expect. For people who travel a lot, or have restrictive no-pet lease agreements, or a pet allergy, I suggest you to this new friend. It will definitely create a new lifestyle of people in need, which brings the warmth and companionship of robot technology to the world. I genuinely believe you’ll be pretty happy living with Marscat.

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