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Elephant Robotics Celebrates a Year of Innovation and Collaboration in 2023

Elephant Robotics Celebrates a Year of Innovation and Collaboration in 2023

Elephant Robotics proudly reflects on the tremendous success achieved in the transformative year of 2023. The introduction of cutting-edge robotic products, including the 4 DOF robotic arm ultraArm P340, the 7 DOF robotic arm myArm 300 Pi, the humanoid robot Mercury series, the Robotics Education Solution, AI Kit 2023, and AI Kit 3D version, has solidified our position as a leading force in the robotics industry. Committed to meeting dynamic market demands, we have upgraded our acclaimed myCobot 280 series and myAGV 2023. This year, we have received diverse global projects, further amplifying the global impact of our robotic products. Here are the 13 excellent application cases we select to share.

ChatGPT for Robotics

Researchers from the Microsoft Autonomous Systems and Robotics Group harnessed ChatGPT, a language model, to command our 6 DOF robotic arm, myCobot 280. The project resulted in the precise rendering of the Microsoft logo. The team showcased the potential of language models in robotics tasks, including complex operations like stacking blocks. Additionally, a freelance engineer proposed an intriguing project, using ChatGPT4 to command myCobot 280 with SoM for precise object-picking movements.

The MagPi Review

The MagPi, Raspberry Pi's official magazine, featured a comprehensive 2-page review of myCobot 280 Pi in the latest issue, The MagPi issue 137. This extensive review served as a testament to the remarkable qualities of myCobot 280 Pi, emphasizing its profound impact on reshaping the landscape of robotics technology.

eHealth Robot

In the medical field, an eHealth Robot project by Jaime Andres Rincon Arango, utilizing our 4 DOF robotic arm, myPalletizer 260, showcased the potential in healthcare and telemedicine. He created a teleoperated robotic system to perform a basic remote medical check, such as taking a phonocardiography signal. The eHealth Robot, with virtual reality immersion, detected chest areas and acquired heart sounds. Another user, with a doctorate in medicine, initiated a robot project for ultrasound examinations, demonstrating the adaptability of our 6 DOF robotic arm myCobot 280 in diverse medical applications.


Educational Robot

Recognizing the importance of robotics in education, a project from Tsinghua University highlighted the integration of our 6 DOF robotic arm, myCobot 280, and AI Kit with 3D vision technology. The project emphasized the role of robotics combined with advanced visual perception in educational applications.


Bartender Robot

Tuan Huynh, Vincent Nieraad, and Ardian Nuredini from LMU Munich proposed the Bartender Robot project, featuring a built-in voice recognition system for easy drink orders. They designed the Bartender Robot with myCobot 280 M5, myCobot adaptive gripper, and essential ingredients. This innovative system streamlines the drink-making process, reducing wait times and increasing customer satisfaction in settings like bars and restaurants. The Bartender Robot showcases the potential to revolutionize the beverage service industry.

Visual Artist Robot

Mktechlab_net's visual artist project ingeniously used the myCobot 280 to craft a unique visual experience of glowing cocktail glasses atop personally crafted coasters. By integrating the weight sensor, myCobot 280 is able to project dynamic images based on specific drinks and the environment, creating visually engaging and aesthetically pleasing representations.


Garbage Collection Robot

K.Miyawaki, a robotics engineer and researcher from the Department of Information Science at Osaka Institute of Technology, innovatively developed the "Garbage Collection Robot" project. This innovative robot uses advanced SLAM navigation in an Automated Guided Vehicle for autonomous garbage location. The 6 DOF robotic arm, myCobot 280, efficiently collects and transports the garbage using the myCobot Suction Pump 2.0. This project redefines waste management solutions.


Automated Labeling Robot

The presence of robots is becoming increasingly prominent in commercials, exhibitions, tech expos, and more. One user showcased a remarkable application by programming our myCobot Pro 600 as an “Automoted Labeling Robot“, presenting the project at an international industry fair where myCobot Pro 600 demonstrated automated labeling capabilities.

Interactive Robot

Hanna Daxer, Laura Gräber, and Ludwig Felder from LMU Munich presented the Helping Hand project—an interactive kitchen assistant. This innovative robot simplifies manual tasks, allowing users to interact effortlessly through gestures and myCobot 280. Equipped with a camera, myCobot 280 detects objects and hands, facilitating tasks like stirring, pouring, and slicing.


Flower Arranger Robot

A Twitter user named OUGA shared an intriguing project—an enchanting digital flower arrangement robot. This innovative creation seamlessly blends 3D model content with real flower materials, providing a captivating display of real-time simulated flower arranging through collaboration with myCobot 280 M5.


Food Serving Robot

A user spearheaded an innovative "Food Serving Robot" project, harnessing the capabilities of myCobot Pro 320 Pi and myCobot Pro adaptive grippers for efficient and precise food handling.


Organizing Robot

Another user leverages YOLOv5 to command myCobot 280 and myCobot adaptive grippers for meticulous visual arrangement of toys.

Candle Lighting Robot

A Twitter user, Param Science Experience Centre, orchestrated a romantic "Candle Lighting Robot" project, programming the mechArm 270 to ignite the candle.

These outstanding cases not only demonstrate our technical prowess but also underscore the broad acclaim and positive feedback received across various industries worldwide. In the healthcare sector, the precision and agility of our robotic arms shine through the successful implementation of eHealth robots. Across education, more than 300 prestigious universities globally, including University College London, University of Bristol, and University of Houston, have adopted our educational robot products and solutions. In the realm of personal research and development, robotics enthusiasts have showcased inventive art projects and research utilizing our robotic arms. Stay tuned for further groundbreaking innovations and advancements from Elephant Robotics in the upcoming year!

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