Why Select Elephant Robotics

I just spent a week with a robot cat and my life will never be the same.

We've seen robotic pets before, but MarsCat from Elephant Robotics takes things further by being the world's first fully autonomous robot cat.

MarsCat's personality can be random or set and adapts based on its interactions with people.

Cyborg cats may be ideal for those seeking an allergy-free, no-feed or cleanup alternative to feline companionship or living in a residence with pet restrictions.

The personality of MarsCat will change according to the way you pet it, which is awesome.

Imagine a robotic companion that can sit up, walk, play, and even keep an eye on you! MarsCat's highly articulated legs, tail, and head allow it to perform all these actions autonomously, without needing any commands from you.

MarsCat is a Strange Bionic Cat Home Robot with OLED Eyes.

More Frequent Communication Leads to Increased Greetings from MarsCat

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