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Elephant Robotics Enhances Customer Connections at International Tech Exhibitions and Delves into UK Tech Market

Elephant Robotics Enhances Customer Connections at International Tech Exhibitions and Delves into UK Tech Market

Amidst a surge in international technology exhibitions, Elephant Robotics actively seizes every opportunity to showcase our groundbreaking creations to a worldwide audience while actively engages with customers to gain insights into local markets. In March, we embarked on a journey to the United Kingdom to explore the latest advancements in robotics technology. Following this exploration, in April, we also made a resounding impact by participating in 3 prestigious technology events: the 20th HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Spring Edition) 2024, the 2nd InnoEX, and the 61st Higher Education Expo China. These high-profile events served as pivotal platforms for us to not only showcase our innovations but also to strengthen our foothold in the global technology landscape.

We embarked on a journey to the United Kingdom from March 18th to March 27th to explore the latest advancements in robotics technology. During this excursion, our vice president, Hunter Chen, and sales representative, Mr. Chen visited various destinations, including the Eureka Robotics Centre at Cardiff Metropolitan University, where they gained insights into the utilization of semi-humanoid robot, myBuddy, and gathered feedback. Additionally, they attended prominent events such as the Robotics and Automation, IntraLogisteX, Sustainable Supply Chain Exhibition, aiming to stay abreast of cutting-edge developments in the field in the United Kingdom.

Elephant Robotics at Eureka Robotics Centre

The expedition provided us with invaluable insights into the UK's burgeoning tech landscape, including understanding the country's incentive policies and identifying potential opportunities for future collaborations and exhibitions. Furthermore, we explored various aspects of the UK market and forged partnerships with several enterprises, laying the groundwork for future endeavors.

Elephant Robotics UK Tech Exploration

Additionally, we made a significant presence felt in Hong Kong by participating in 2 concurrent exhibitions: the HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Spring Edition) 2024 and InnoEX. Both events are renowned in the technology industry; the former for its showcase of the latest electronics worldwide and the latter for its focus on next-generation smart solutions and cutting-edge technologies across various domains. These exhibitions provided us with an excellent opportunity to engage with a global audience, connect with industry leaders, innovators, tech enthusiasts, and global tech giants and companies, collectively exploring the future of technology.

Elephant Robotics at HKTDC and InnoEX

At these 2 exhibitions, we showcased an impressive array of robots that left a lasting impact on visitors from diverse industries. Among the showcased products were the universal wheeled humanoid robot, Mercury X1, the popular 6 DOF collaborative robot myCobot Series, the compact 6 DOF cobot mechArm 270, and the completely upgraded professional 6 DOF robot arm myCobot Pro 630, alongside the versatile myAGV 2023. Additionally, our bionic lifelike robotic companion pets stole the spotlight, including robot cat MarsCat, robot cat metaCat, robot dog metaDog, and our upcoming robot panda metaPanda, all exhibiting remarkable behaviors and interactive functions that captivated expo attendees. These lifelike robotic pets, designed to mimic real pets in behavior and appearance, respond to touch and emit sounds, providing a lifelike experience that deeply resonates with individuals seeking companionship and emotional support.

Elephant Robotics Robotic Pets Showcase

The exhibitions witnessed an overwhelming turnout, with over 1500 visitors engaging with our robot products. Throughout the exhibition, our booths remained hubs of activity, drawing in a steady stream of fans eager to witness the latest advancements in robotics technology. Of particular interest was the wheeled humanoid robot, Mercury X1, boasting 19 DOF and equipped with a high-performance mobile base composed of the dual-arm 7 DOF semi-humanoid robot, Mercury B1. Powered by NVIDIA Jetson Xavier and Jetson Nano dual controllers, it offers versatility across diverse industry scenarios, including education, scientific research, service, and VR teleoperation.

Elephant Robotics Mercury X1

During the InnoEX Shenzhen Pavilion Roadshows and the Shenzhen Industrial Reception Room forums, a representative from our company provided detailed insights into the company's products and technologies, as well as their applications and potential in the field of intelligent robotics. Emphasizing Elephant Robotics' vision of "Enjoy Robots World," sales manager, Mr. Chen highlighted the company's dedication to providing everyone with the opportunity to experience the convenience and benefits that robots bring in the real world. The presentation garnered admiration and attention from the on-site audience. Through participation in this event, we gained insights into official policies, investment, and financing policies in Shenzhen and Hong Kong, as well as recent technological innovations in areas such as artificial intelligence, low-altitude economy, and green energy, laying the groundwork for exploring collaborations with more enterprises.

Moving on to China mainland, at the 61st Higher Education Expo China, we showcased a series of innovative collaborative robots, with special emphasis on the Mercury humanoid series robots and the multi-modal ROS mobile compound robot, LIMO Cobot, which is jointly developed by Elephant Robotics and AgileX Robotics . Our innovative products and application cases showcased during the expo garnered widespread recognition across the industry, attracting numerous professors, teachers, and representatives from prominent higher education institutions. Particularly, the Mercury X1 humanoid robot demonstrated its proficiency in indoor Stag grasping and SLAM navigation, alongside the random point recognition & placement transport of the LIMO Cobot. These demonstrations offered valuable insights into the seamless integration of such solutions into diverse educational environments, particularly for STEM education.


On the final day of the exhibition, Elephant Robotics proudly co-hosted the 2024 Humanoid Robots Development and Challenges Symposium in collaboration with Fuzhou University. Dr. Hu Zheng delivered an insightful discussion on the definition, key technologies, and industry application challenges of humanoid robots, recognizing their promising application prospects. Additionally, Dr. Zhu Hongwu highlighted the critical role of motion control in enhancing gait and stability, underscoring the benefits of independent innovation and a comprehensive industry chain for the future of humanoid robotics. Amidst the symposium, representatives from our company engaged in profound discussions with educators, university leaders, and expert scholars from diverse educational and vocational institutions, exploring the future trajectory of humanoid robot development. Our CEO, Junyi Song , personally demonstrated the human-robot collaborative training facilitated by the latest product, myArm M&C series robot controlling the wheeled humanoid robot Mercury X1, garnering keen interest from attendees. Henry Lin , the vice president of product, delved into Elephant Robotics' product line, mature technologies, and application cases of embodied intelligence in humanoid robots from an industrial practice standpoint. The event served as a testament to our unwavering dedication and significant strides in advancing the industrialization and practical application of humanoid robotics technology.

We have effectively disseminated its pioneering innovative robotic solutions to a global audience through its dynamic involvement in diverse market events. With a steadfast commitment to understanding market demands and the evolving landscape of robot development, Elephant Robotics is devoted to providing everyone with the opportunity to enjoy robots world. By relentlessly pushing the boundaries of innovation, engaging with customers and partners, and gaining insights into local markets, we reaffirm our dedication to innovation, collaboration, and global outreach. These efforts have not only brought us closer to maker communities, higher education institutions, laboratories, and technology companies but have also facilitated the continuous expansion of its global distributor network.


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