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Elephant Robotics Engages Global Audiences with Interactive Robots at AI for Good Global Summit and AI Expo

Elephant Robotics Engages Global Audiences with Interactive Robots at AI for Good Global Summit and AI Expo
Elephant Robotics Engages Global Audiences with Interactive Robots at AI for Good Global Summit and AI Expo

Amidst a surge in international technology exhibitions, Elephant Robotics stands at the forefront of robotics innovation, showcasing our latest creations to a worldwide audience and engaging with customers to gain insights into local markets. In May, Elephant Robotics participated in 2 prestigious AI technology exhibitions: AI for Good Global Summit 2024 in Geneva and AI Expo in Tokyo.

The AI for Good Global Summit, organized by the Imternational Telecommunication Union(ITU), represents a significant honor, highlighting Elephant Robotics' achievements in artificial intelligence and robotics. ITU, a specialized United Nations agency, is responsible for regulating and setting standards for global telecommunication networks.

Participation in the AI for Good Global Summit 2024 provided us with a unique platform to showcase the latest technological advancements, engage with global peers, and promote mutual learning and collaboration. The summit's "AI For Good" initiative aligns perfectly with our vision, "Enjoy Robots World," which aims to ensure that the development and application of AI technologies positively impact individuals, society, and the environment. This global concept encourages efforts to leverage AI to address worldwide challenges such as health, education, environmental protection, and sustainable development. Elephant Robotics is dedicated to providing everyone with the opportunity to experience the convenience and benefits that robots bring in the real world. We showcased an impressive array of robots that left a lasting impact on visitors from diverse industries globally. Among the showcased products were the dual-arm 7 DOF semi-humanoid robot, Mercury B1, the 6 DOF cobot myCobot 280 Series, the compact 6 DOF robotic arm mechArm 270, the mobile robot myAGV 2023, and the Artificial Intelligence 3D Kit, alongside the bionic robotic companion pets metaAnimal series.

The AI for Good Global Summit 2024 witnessed an overwhelming turnout, with more than 1,000 visitors eagerly interacting with our robots. The crowd was particularly captivated by our lifelike bionic robotic companion pets from the metaAnimal series, sparking lively interactions. Adding to the excitement, the renowned Sophia robot from Hanson Robotics Limited made a special appearance at the our booth, where she delighted attendees by interacting with the popular robot cat metaCat and the upcoming robot panda metaPanda. Hunter Chen, our Director and Vice President, expressed his satisfaction with the outcome, stating, "We had a successful exhibition showcasing our flagship robotic products. The results were impressive, with approximately 60,0000 US dollars in sales achieved for robot cats and robot dogs. We received on-site orders for 200 metaCat and metaDog units from new customers".

The metaAnimal series is part of Elephant Robotics' corporate social responsibility and an embodiment of the "AI For Good" initiative, widely using for home companionship and special care for specific populations. We donate several batches of metaAnimal series robots to various special care institutions each year, particularly for children with autism, helping them learn social and emotional skills through interactive play. In elderly care, the metaAnimal series robots also demonstrates outstanding performance and promising prospects. They not only provide emotional companionshipand reduce feelings of loneliness but also serve as innovative auxiliary intervention tools in nursing homes and individual residences. These robots are involved in extensive collaborations with nursing homes and research universities both domestically and internationally. They play an effective role in reducing the number of caregiving staff required, decreasing the workload, mitigating aggressive behaviors, and fostering a sense of proactive responsibility among users.

Before participating in the AI for Good Global Summit 2024, we showcased our innovative robotics technology at the AI Expo Tokyo, the largest and most authoritative artificial intelligence exhibition in Japan. This prestigious event brings together top technical experts, industry leaders, and pioneering companies from around the globe.

At the AI Expo Tokyo, we displayed our popular 6 DOF collaborative robot myCobot 280 M5, the versatile mobile robot myAGV 2023, and bionic lifelike robotic dog metaDog and robotic panda metaPanda. Our collaborative robots drew significant attention from the Japanese maker community, who were captivated by the precise movements and versatile applications of the myCobot 280, which was designed to be user-friendly and adaptable. Through engaging with the maker community, we gained crucial insights into their specific needs and preferences. By listening to the users' feedback and understanding their requirements, we collected valuable suggestions that will inform the future updates, upgrades, and research and development of our products. This exchange of ideas with the maker community highlighted our commitment to innovation and prioritizing the user experience.

The presence of Elephant Robotics at these 2 international exhibitions garnered substantial media attention. CCTV2's Tianxia Finance program reported on the impressive displays of outstanding domestic and foreign companies at the AI for Good Global Summit and conducted a live broadcast during the AI Expo, featuring a special report of our metaPanda. AP Archive also included coverage of our booth and robots in their dedicated reporting on the AI for Good Global Summit. At the AI Expo, TVBS NEWS conducted an exclusive interview focusing on our latest bionic robotic companion dog, metaDog.

Our presentations at these major overseas AI exhibitions not only represent international recognition of the company's technological prowess but also affirm its mission of leveraging AI and robotics technology for good and improving human life. Our innovative robotic solutions, dynamic engagement in global market events, and commitment to understanding market demands and the evolving landscape of robot development highlight our dedication to providing everyone with the opportunity to enjoy the world of robots. Through the participation in these exhibitions, Elephant Robotics successfully disseminated our innovative robotics solutions to a global audience, emphasizing our dedication to advanced AI and robotics technology accessible and beneficial to all.

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