myCobot Pro Electric Parallel Gripper For myCobot 320, myCobot Pro 630

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  • It is compatible with myCobot 320 and myCobot Pro 600, for grabbing the project, and it is powered by electricity
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    myCobot Pro industrial thin parallel electric jaws can respond quickly and have a high grasping frequency. Fit for ER myCobot 320 2022、 ER myCobot pro 630. It can be used in the fields of workpiece transfer, machine tool loading and unloading, assembly and assembly, and experimental teaching.


Precise Force Control and Flexible Grip

Small Size and Saving Installation Space

Integrated Drive and Control Design, Easy to Install and Debug

5 Mounting Holes to Meet Different Installation Conditions of the Equipment

Intelligent Grab Feedback and Drop Detection

    Product Parameter

    BlacklashOne side≤0.1mm
    Open /Close time0.3s
    Driving modeGear rack+cross roller rails
    Running noise<40dB

    Running Environment

    CommunicationRS - 485
    Operating voltage12-24V
    Rated current0.25A
    Peak current0.5A
    Level of protectionIP40


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Stefanov Dimitrov
    Functional with Minor Flaws

    While the myCobot Pro industrial thin parallel electric jaws get the job done efficiently, I did encounter a few minor issues during installation. The 5 mounting holes provided some flexibility, but I found them slightly challenging to align perfectly. However, once installed, the grippers performed well and met my expectations for industrial applications.

    Diego Hernandez
    Reliable Performance for Industrial Applications

    Trust the myCobot Pro industrial thin parallel electric jaws for reliable performance in industrial settings. Their precise force control and quick response times make them perfect for machine tool loading, assembly, and more. With intelligent grab feedback and easy installation, they're the ideal solution for enhancing productivity and efficiency.

    Ivan Ivanov
    Streamlined Automation with Versatile Grippers

    Experience seamless automation with the myCobot Pro industrial thin parallel electric jaws. Their integrated drive and control design make installation a breeze, while their compact size and flexible grip capabilities save space and enhance efficiency. With 5 mounting holes for versatile installation, they're perfect for a wide range of industrial applications.

    Ahmed Al-Mansoori
    Enhance Your Automation Efficiency

    Transform your operations with the myCobot Pro industrial thin parallel electric jaws! Their precise force control and flexible grip capabilities ensure quick responses and high grasping frequencies. With easy installation and intelligent grab feedback, they're ideal for workpiece transfer, assembly, and experimental teaching.

    Marco Rossi
    Efficient and Reliable Industrial Gripper

    The myCobot Pro industrial thin parallel electric jaws are a game-changer for my automation needs. With precise force control and flexible grip capabilities, they excel in workpiece transfer, machine tool loading, and more. Easy installation and intelligent grab feedback make them a must-have for any industrial application.


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    Q1: Does it support secondary development of functions?

    A1: Of course. You can use our API (Python、C++、C#、Javascript) to control myCobot directly or remotely or dive directly into the ROS code, which is open-source.

    Q2: What you can learn?


    With myCobot M5 , you can learn that

    Hardware: Embedded Microcontroller Based on ESP32, Motor and Steering Gear, M5Stack Basic/ Atom;

    Software: Arduino, UiFlow, Myblockly, Mind+, RoboFlow, C#, C++, Python, Javascript, ROS,MoveIt, Communication Data, Virtual Machines & Linux (visual system).

    With myCobot Pi, you can learn that

    Hardware: microprocessor, motor and steering gear;

    Software: Myblockly, Mind+, RoboFlow, C#, C++, Python, Javascript, ROS, MoveIt.

    Q3: How long it lasts?

    A3: It uses adapter power instead of battery power. It can work all the time as long as power supply. But we don't suggest keeping it working for a long time.Just like you use a computer, letting it take a rest at times is better.

    Q4: How much weight can it lift / grip?


    myCobot 280: The net weight of myCobot is 850g, the payload is 250g, and the working range is 280mm.

    myCobot 320:The net weight of myCobot is 3.5kg, the payload is 1kg, and the working range is 320mm.

    myPalletizer 260:The net weight of myPalletizer is 960g, the payload is 300g, and the working range is 260mm.

    myCobot Pro 600:The net weight of myCobot Pro is 8.8kg, the payload is 2kg, and the working range is 600mm.

    Q5: What is warranty on this?

    A5: We provide customers with return and warranty services.Return service is limited to goods not opened within 7 days after the receipt date of logistics of the products. The freight or other risks incurred in return shall be borne by the customer.During the warranty period of the delivered product, the company only repairs the malfunctions that occur during the normal use of the robot for free. For more warranty content, please check out on the product details page.

    Q6: How long will it take to ship after I placed the order? And What kind of logistics?

    A6: We ship worldwide and we use the following carriers: FedEx、UPS 、DHL. The products shall be delivered by International Express within 1-2 weeks. All products use standard cartons and special customized super hard paper shells to firmly fix the products and prevent damage from impact.

    Q7: I don’t know how to develop robot arm. Is there a graphical interface for operations?

    A7: For non-technical players, myCobot supports drag teaching function, which allows you to teach it every action and instruction you want. Get rid of the traditional path point storage mode, no programming is required. The saved path can be recorded, and different paths can be saved as long as 60mins at most.

    Q8: How about the repeated positioning accuracy?

    A8: The repeated positioning accuracy of myCobot 280 is ±0.5mm, and the repeated positioning accuracy of myCobot 320 is ±0.3mm. The repeat positioning accuracy of the two manipulators is determined based on the length of use.

    The positioning of the two products is not the same. The ER 280 robotic arm is a consumer type and is mostly used in the education field. It is recommended to use 1-2 hours to rest for 15-30 minutes. The repeat positioning accuracy can reach ±0.2mm in a short time.The ER 320 is suitable for commercial work within 12 hours, with a repeat positioning accuracy of ±0.3mm. If used in a short time, the repeat positioning accuracy can also reach ±0.2mm.

    Q9: Is there a camera on the robotic arm? And is there a visual recognition sorting function?

    A9: The robotic arm does not have a camera. But we have machine vision-related kits now available for vision development.

    Q10: Hello, can you provide relevant information about the robot arm of elephantrobotics, and post a tutorial.


    Our Product Introduction and User Manual Link is

    Github-development Link ( software tutorial ) is

    Gitbook ( Web Version Detailed Tutorial ) is

    myCobot Pro Electric Parallel Gripper For myCobot 320, myCobot Pro 630

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