Halloween Outfits Cat Clothes for MarsCat & metaCat

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Receiving Your Package

Before signing for your package, please confirm that the product packaging is intact, the product accessories are complete, and the quantity is correct before signing. If you find any damage or issues with the product, please contact us within 7 days.

Your metaCat will arrive in standard cartons, and will be packaged with custom hard paper shells to firmly fix the products in place and prevent damage.


metaCat can be returned for a full refund, within 7 days of receipt for any reason, so long as the package remains unopened.

The customer is responsible for shipping freight and related costs for returning or exchanging the product to Elephant Robotics, excluding the shipping freight arising from product resending.

The customer is responsible for risks of product loss or damage during return shipping.



Question: What makes metaCat more special compared to other robotic pets in the market?

Answer: metaCat is a unique robotic pet that offers a realistic and interactive experience for cat lovers. With its more expressive eye animations and lifelike movements, it is designed to evoke emotional responses from its users, making it feel more like a real cat.

Question: Is metaCat safe for children and people with allergies?

Answer: Yes, we use only top-quality materials that are safe for all users, including those with allergies. The fur is made of hypoallergenic, skin-friendly materials, and the toy itself is made of food-grade silicone.

Question: Does metaCat come with a warranty?

Answer: Yes, we offer a six-month warranty on all of our metaCat products. If you have any issues or concerns with your new metaCat, please contact our customer support team for assistance.

Question: How do I charge my metaCat?

Answer: You can easily charge your metaCat using the included type-C cable. Just connect the cable to your metaCat and a power source, and it will begin charging. It only takes about 30 minutes for a full charge, and you can enjoy up to 11 hours of playtime on a single charge.

Question: What changes have been made in metaCat?

Answer: What changes have been made in metaCat?

  • More realistic movements and gestures that make metaCat feel even more lifelike.
  • More eye animations make the interaction more lively and interesting.
  • Improved voice recognition capabilities, making it easier for you to interact with your metaCat using voice commands.
  • Longer battery life, so you can enjoy more time with your metaCat before needing to recharge.
  • Question: How do I choose the right metaCat breed for me?

    Answer: YPicking the perfect metaCat breed depends on your lifestyle and personal taste. Take into account their appearance, personality, and energy levels to see which one would be a good fit for you. Are you looking for a playful companion that loves to be active, or a calm and docile friend that prefers to relax with you on the couch? Do you want a cat with short or long fur? Think about these factors before making your decision.

    Question: Do the new metaCat breeds have different features?

    Answer: YNo, all metaCats have the same features, including touch sensors, voice recognition, and various animations.

    Question: IAre there any health concerns or special requirements for owning a metaCat?

    Answer: No, owning a metaCat is easy and stress-free! They require no special care or feeding, making them a great choice for busy individuals or families. However, we do recommend regular cleaning and maintenance to ensure that your metaCat stays in top condition.

    Halloween Outfits Cat Clothes for MarsCat & metaCat
    Bling Wizard Suit - $39.90
    • Bling Wizard Suit - $39.90
    • Star Wizard Suit - $39.90
    • Pumpkin Wizard Suit - $39.90
    • 3X Halloween Styles Suits - $75.00

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